Adding and removing effects/commands

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Almost every effect/command known to IDimager is also available as a batch effect/command. The effects manipulate the images appearance; examples are: brightness, sepia, contrast, auto-levels, gamma correction, framing, etc. The commands manipulate the files but not the image; examples are: remove Exif, convert file types, rename files, etc.


With IDimager you can add as many effects/command to one batch as you need, you can even add the same effect/command multiple times. An example: 1. Auto-Levels, then Gamma correction then Auto Levels again. You can also combine both effects and commands in the same batch.


The list of effects and commands is located in the lower right corner of the window. Select an effect or command of your preference and double click on the name it to add it to the batch design. Many commands/effects allow you to input some settings for that effect/command. The sample below shows you the settings that can be made when the "Rename Image" command is added to the batch.




Not all effect/commands have settings, but if it does, the settings dialog for the selected effect will open. The settings for most effects are described in chapter “The Image Viewer/Editor”.


As stated before, it is possible to add the same effect again, each time with different settings (or even the same if needed).


Once the effect is added to the design it is placed at the left side. The left area contains a list of every selected effect/command in this batch design.


You can view or change/update the settings for a selected effect at any time by double clicking it in the left area. The settings dialog (if applicable) will open with the settings for the clicked effect/command.


If you have added an effect/command by accident then you can remove it from the list again. Select the effect on the left side and click button “Deselect”. Confirm that this effect should be removed.





The order of the selected effect is important. When running the batch, IDimager will process them in the order that they are listed in the left area. You can change the order by clicking the buttons "Up" and "Down"; as displayed below.