Adding images to a collection

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To add images to your collection, you first need to open it by navigating to it in the portfolios branch of the Catalog Explorer. If youve just created a new, empty, collection, then that collection is already open. You can see that by reading the title bar of the Collection Viewer (the bar on top of the thumbnail area at the right).


You can drag and drop images from the Media Browser to a portfolio collection or even drag and drop images from other applications straight to the portfolio collection.


If you want to drag and drop images using the Media Browser, open the Media Browser first. Keep the Catalog Explorer opened as well (hold [Ctrl] when you click the Media Browsers icon in the left Explorer Bar). Inside the Media Browser, navigate to the folder where the images are stored. As youll notice the Collection Viewer shows all the thumbnails for that folder.




Select the thumbnails you want to add to the collection and while holding the left mouse button down, drag them over the collections name. After releasing the mouse button the images will be added to the collection.


Apart from the Media Browser, you can also drag any selection of thumbnails to the portfolio collection. These can be thumbnails as selected from the Catalog Explorer, from search results, or any other source of images.


Another way to drag images to a collection is by dragging them from another application. A good example of an application that supports drag and drop is the Windows Explorer. Navigate to the folder, select one or more images and drag and drop them over the collection's name in the catalog Explorer.


Now your collection contains images, you can select the image you want to use as the "identifying" image. That is the image that will represent the collection and will be displayed in front of the collection's name in the Catalog Explorer and will also be used to represent this collection when publishing to the internet.


To change the identifying thumbnail, drag any thumbnail ove the thumb are at the left of the collection's name. Then drop it.