Adding Music to the slide show

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Slide Shows without music are dull. That is why IDimager offers you advanced music features to allow you to create dynamic slide shows. You can add one or more music files to your slide shows by either dragging them from the Windows Explorer to the time line area, or by clicking the “Add Music” button in the toolbar of the time line.


You can add mp3 as well as WAV files.


IDimager is able to play up to four music files (tracks) concurrently, meaning that up to four music files van be played at the same time. Now that is neat, but not the way you want your music. However the advantage is that you can mix your music file together by making the overlap each other.




To make two music items overlap, you can add the first file and then right click at the position where you want the new music file to start and select “Add Music” from the popup context menu.


To specify the end point for the first item, also right click at the position where you want the music to end and select “Stop this item here” from the context menu.


This way you start the second music file before the first one ends, meaning they will be mixed together. Now the neatest characteristic of sound mixing is fading in and out. This means that the first song will decrease its volume (fade out) gradually while the second song gradually increased its volume (fade in). With IDimager you can set your fade out point and fade in points directly from the time line. Right click on the music item where you want the fade in to end and right click. From the content menu select the option “Sound Fading -> Fade-In to Here”. The same goes for setting the fade out point.


You can also right click -> Edit this item to edit the details of the music.