Adding versions for a main version

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The versioning feature is completely integrated throughout the application. You can define versions in several manners.


If you edit an image in IDimager and then save the edited image under a different file name, the copy is automatically stored as a version.


When you copy/paste images between folders then the copied image will then be stored as a version.


Then there is the Version Detection Wizard (VDW) that searches through your images trying to identify versions and helps you to create version sets. The VDW is one of the most important tools available to you to help you set up your version sets.


You can also create version sets manually, simply by using a drag/drop to the version set panel.


When using IDimager's Batcher to perform operations on large sets of images then the output files from the Batcher can be stored as versions of the original images.


IDimager also allows you to identify versions as you Download your images from the camera. The integrated Downloader feature offers options to store RAW+JPG sets, as can be recorder by many reflex cameras, in version sets. There you have the option to define which should be the main version, which the sub version. It also allows you to define what place holder should be used.