Area tagging

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Another unique feature of IDimager is the ability to describe areas of your image and optionally assign catalog labels to part of the image. The Area Tagging feature is part of the Image Viewer. So open an image by double clicking its thumbnail.


Consider this image that has two catalog labels assigned to it:



When we double click on this thumbnail then the image will open in the Image Viewer/Editor. In the Viewer/Editor you can find the Area Tagging feature as a button in the mini toolbar.




Select "New Area" or press [Shift]+[A] to start defining a new area.




The mouse cursor changes to the selection cursor and you can select the area that you'd like to tag. Do so by dragging a frame over the relevant area of the image. After you release the mouse button to mark the end of the area, the Image Area Assignment dialog opens.




As soon as you release the mouse, the new area is created.




To change the area definition, click on the pen-icon in the area's caption bar.




This dialog allows you to add any descriptive caption to the area and also a full description.


In this case I selected the area with the boy on the left side so I assign the Dean label to the area. As soon as the label assignment is selected, the caption automatically changes to the name of the assigned catalog label (if the caption is still empty). Optionally I can create a new catalog label assignment by entering the name in the "Make a new assignment" field, located at the top of the dialog. That will auto lookup all catalog labels matching the name that is typed in. Once I selected the relevant label there, is is assigned to the image.... the selected label is added to the list of existing label assignments. You can remove a label assignment by right clicking on a listed label assignment and the select "Remove assignment".


For your info; adding a catalog assignment is not required to define an area. You can also manually enter a caption and/or description.


When you are done describing the area, you click <OK> to store it. That takes you back to the Image Viewer/Editor and lists the area tag.




An existing area can be moved around over the image by clicking the area's caption title to activate it and then dragging the area around to a new position.

An existing area can be removed by clicking the red cross button in the area's upper right corner.

An existing area can be edited by right clicking on the area's caption and the select "Edit Area Details"



You can create as many area for an image as you like.


You can use the Quick Search bar in the right upper corner of the application to search images by their area descriptions.





Area tags are stored as part of the database. The frames are not truly added to the image itself but are there for display only. However, it is possible to export the image with the area tags painted on it. In that case you click the drop down arrow to the right of the Area tagging feature and select "Export Area Tagged Image".




The save-as dialog opens. Here you can specify the name where the image (including the area frames) should be saved to.