Backup your catalog database

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Apart from backing up your images it is also important to backup your catalog database regularly. As you work more frequently with IDimager you will find that its database becomes very important and valuable for you. Without it you would be a little blind again. Even though it is possible to reconstruct the catalog based on synchronized catalog info in the image's meta information it is still very much recommended that you backup your catalog database.


The catalog database can be backed up to either CD/DVD or to a folder. First ask yourself which is the most convenient method for you. If you choose to backup to folder, then it is recommended you do that to a different physical hard drive (not the same drive, not even to a different partition on the same drive). This way you prevent that your backup is lost when the hard drive crashes. If you decide to backup your catalog database to DVD or CD, then I recommend that you use a A-brand re-writable disc (CD-RW or DVD+/-RW). This enables you to re-use the disc for future backups.


Backup to folder is faster than a backup to CD/DVD and is also more flexible and convenient.


Professional SQLServer Edition Only


The Professional SQLServer Edition uses Microsoft SQLServer as its database format. By default SQLServer is installed with limited file system accessibility. Therefore Windows may give an authorization error when running the catalog backup feature. If you get this message, you'll need to make a small adjustment to the SQLServer configuration first:


1. Open the Services; On XP; Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative tools -> Services


2. Find the service SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) and double click


3. Open tab "Log On"


4. Select Log On as: Local System Account and click OK


5. Back in the service list, right click at the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) service and select Restart



To backup your catalog, open the Catalog Maintenance by selecting "Tools | Catalog Maintenance" from the application's main menu. Within the Catalog Maintenance click button “Backup” and choose if you want to backup to Disc (DVD/CD) or to Folder (hard drive).




Keep in mind that whichever method you choose, this backup will NOT contain your images, it will only backup the information that is important for the application. The backup will contain your catalog database, your thumbnail database, the files in your application data folder, and your options settings.