Backup your catalog database

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Your catalog is stored in a catalog database. If you are using IDimager Personal or IDimager Professional Desktop then the database is a SQLite database format. If you are using IDimager Pro SQLServer then your database is in SQLServer format. As you invest more and more time in your image catalog database, it becomes important to safeguard that information. The backup feature is intended to help you store you database to a safe location.


Click the "Backup" button:




IDimager allows you to backup your catalog to disc (CD/DVD) or to a folder (hard drive). Since the catalog database tends to grow large, it is highly recommended to backup your catalog to a secondary hard drive, either an external hard drive or a second hard drive inside your computer system. It is never recommended to backup to a folder stored on (any partition of) the same hard drive as where your catalog is stored.




First select in what folder you want the backup to be stored. Click the folder icon to the right of the Backup Folder field to change the folder. Again, it is recommended to choose a folder on either an external or secondary physical hard drive.

Then select which database should be included in the backup; the catalog and/or the thumbnails database (the thumbnails database also contains your image previews). You can also select if the IDimager registry setting should be included in the backup. These are the settings that IDimager maintains in the Windows registry.


Then click OK to start the backup process and wait for it to finish.