Backups, Disc Burning, and Archiving

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Integrated with IDimager comes a fully functional burning application; the so called Burner. With the Burner its possible to duplicate data (like images are) to CD and/or DVDs. The Burner supports writing to the CD formats CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW en DVD-RW. This should cover all most commonly used disc formats.


Although the Burner can be started as a stand alone feature in IDimager, it is also used to archive images, though it is possible to burn any other file type. Archiving images is important to secure and backup your photos. Archiving can be done on several levels: per collection, per gallery, per portfolio, per catalog label, per selection of catalog labels, or just a custom selection of images.


The Burner supports “multi disc” burning, also known as "disc spanning". This means that when the total size of all files to burn exceeds the total size of a single disc, it can continue burning to successive discs. This feature no longer forces you to select the right number of files to fit them on a single disc.