Collective Batch Processing

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IDimager enables you to apply a series of commands or effects to a series of images. You can do this using the Batch Processor. By loading a series of images to the Batch Processor and then select one or more commands or effects that should be applied to those images, these effects and commands will be processed for every selected image. Just one start click.


A series of effects and commands are called a batch design. Those designs can be stored so you can re-load them later and apply them to a different set (or the same set) of image. You can even run Batch designs in the background, meaning you can continue to work while your batch does its "job".


Starting the Batch Processor can be done in two ways:


1.By selecting one or more thumbnails and then clicking the “Batch” button in the main tool bar
2.Through the menu Tools | Batch Processor
3.By pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[B]


If you have started the Batch Processor using a selection of thumbnails, then all those images will be pre-loaded to the Batch processor.