Black and White

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When activating the Black and White effect, either from the <Editing> drop down in the Recipe panel or by pressing [B], you will be able to convert the colors in the image to Black and White.





The editing gauges are:


Soft Contrast

-5 to +5 steps

Raising this value will increase the contrast of the shadow tones in the image. Black and White images typically use higher contrast and by changing the contrast of the shadows in the image you'll gain a more "catchy" black and white conversion.


Filter Level

0% to +100%

In the next gauge you can select the filter color to use for the Black and White conversion and by raising the level you can boost the filter's contribution.


Filter Color

Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue

Select the filter that you want to apply to your black and White conversion.



Film Grain

(0% to 50%)

In some cases, black and white images gain character by adding a film grain. A film grain is typically the result of the sensitivity of the film.