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When you select a box by either clicking it or by pressing [Tab], that box is recognizable by the highlighted color. Within the table you can change the image displayed by each box. Press the cursor keys [Left] or [Right] on your keyboard to change the image in that box and replace it with the next image in the collection you are working on.


Another way to change the content of the box is by pressing [Shift]+[Left] or [Shift+Right]. When you press either of these combinations, the Light Table will shift the images in every box in the table either to next or previous image. This results in the last box to display the next image of the collection.


Press [Shift]+[Right] to move box 1 to box 2 and box 1 will show the next image in the collection.


The Film Strip at the top also allows you to quickly change the image for a selected box. If the film strip is not visible then press [F] to toggle it ON. Then make sure that you first select the box that you'd like to load a new image for and then select the image to be loaded from the film strip. Optionally use the browse icons in the filmstrip to see more images from your collection.