Build the CSS

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If you are familiar with CSS script programming (Cascading Style Sheets), that you can start building your CSS script first. CSS contains all the formatting (like fonts, borders etc) as used within the page. Building a CSS will make it easier and quicker to construct your HTML code. HTML Tags like <font> or difficult table constructions are no longer needed. The use of CSS is something I would recommend to everybody, although it is not required. If you know HTML, it is not difficult to learn.


If you dont use CSS, then you can start building the Collection Template.


Our CSS contains, of course, the formatting of the pages. Fonts, table sizes, etc are defined inside the CSS. For this example template a short and simple CSS script in enough.


Open the CSS tab sheet and enter the CSS code.




Notice that some Template Variables are used for color support (%Color1). This color will be replaced by the corresponding color value from the color scheme as can be defined in tab sheet “Thumb and General Settings”. In this case the first color from the color scheme is used. Also the background color is used with the Template Variable %BackgroundColor.


Also notice that the table. main label has a background image which is entered as a resource. In normal CSS code there would be a URL link to the graphic image, but in IDimager we can replace the file name by the name of the resource. Choose your resource from a list by right clicking the mouse. Then select “Resources: from the context menu. If this template is used for generating a site, IDimager will save the resource as a file and the name of the resource will be replaced with the URL of the corresponding resource file.