Burning a design

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Once your design is filled with files you can burn it to the disc.


Insert an empty CD or DVD disc in the drive and click button “Burn” in the toolbar.


If the Burn button does not switch on after inserting a new Disc, then first verify if the disc is burnable. If it is, you can click the "refresh button" in the right upper corner of the disc info panel. Also make sure the correct recorder device is selected from the drive drop down.


The burning process will be prepared and when finished you can confirm the start.




Click “Yes” to confirm. Now wait for the Burner to finish its work. While burning you can follow its progress in the progress area of the window.



Although not required, it is recommended that you wait for the burning process to finish before you continue to work on the computer.




After the CD/DVD is burned the drive will be ejected.