Versioning while edited images

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If you edit images in IDimager's editing features (like sizing, or cropping, or ...) and then store the result image afterwards to file, then that file will be stored as a version of your original. In the options dialog (Tools -> Options -> General tab) you can set if the "save as" image should be stored as version or not.


As an example I'll describe a simple crop operation.


You open an image in the editor by double clicking on a thumbnail. Then press [C] on the keyboard to go into "crop" mode. Then drag the crop rectangle over the image and double click on it to start the crop. Now save the result by clicking the "save as button" in the editor's mini-toolbar.




In this case I decide to store the result as a TIF image.




After clicking OK the image is saved to TIF while all Exif and other meta info are maintained. The Image Editor opens the newly saved file, in this case the TIF file. By now this TIF file is automatically stored as a version of the original file.


On top of the Image Editor there is a version combo box. This version box shows you all existing versions of the image currently opened.