Versioning by hand

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The previous section described how a version was created automatically by using a specific feature in IDimager. But what if you already have existing versions stored on your hard drive, or on CDs? In that case you can use the Version Detection Wizard to find the duplicates or add versions manually. This section describes how to create version sets by hand.


The versions of an image can be accessed by clicking the versioning button in the left Explorer bar.




The versions panel is then opened. You can drag the versions panel anywhere you like. A convenient place for it is at the bottom of the screen.




As you select an image in the Collection Viewer, the versions for that image will be read in the Versions panel. The Versions panel displays a series of thumbnails. The first thumbnail is the main version. It can be recognized by its red frame and also by the identifier "[main version]" directly below the thumb. The next series of thumbnails are the place holders. These can be either blank or filled with a thumb. In the sample above there are 4 place holders: album display, web display, print and e-mail. As you can see the place holders for print and e-mail are empty. Then to the right of the place holders you see all the versions that are *not* assigned to a place holder. This can be any number of versions (not restricted).


You can click on any of the thumbnails in the versions panel to select it in the Collection Viewer.


To add a new version to the version set you can simply drag and drop any thumbnail from the Collection Viewer to the versions panel. If you drop on a place holder box, then the image will also be assigned to that place holder. If you drop an image at the right area then it will be stored as a "simple" version. You can also drag/drop images from Windows Explorer or any other application that supports Windows' drag and drop mechanism.


Now, while the Version Dialog is open, you can navigate to the image that you want to store as a version. You can search this version using the Media or Catalog Explorer. Then drag the version to the lower part of the Version Dialog which is still open.


It is also possible to drag images from Windows Explorer directly to the Version Dialog.


You can add as many versions of the same image as you want. You can also select multiple images and drag them together to the Version Dialog. Again this can also be done directly from Windows Explorer.





If you want to remove a version from the version set, then right click on its thumbnail in the versions panel and select "Remove Image from Version Set" from the context menu.

If you assigned an image to a place holder, but want to remove it from that placeholder, then also right click and select "Remove image from placeholder".


At any time you can change the main version of a version set. Drag any image of the new main version over the "main version" thumb (the first and red framed thumb). You can either drag an exiting version to become the new main version of you can drag/drop any non-version to the main version to make it the new main version of the stack.




After you drop a new main version then the "old" main version will become a sub version of the new main version.


IDimager also supports "Version Place Holders". A Version Place Holder is a predefined "bank" in the database that allows you to store each of the versions in. The placeholder is typically related to a "kind-of-use" for that image. Examples are; web version, slideshow version, etc.