Catalog labels and GPS

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You can attach GPS coordinates to any catalog label. Of course this is not relevant for every catalog label in your structure, but mainly for places this could be helpful. For instance; the Statue of Liberty can be a catalog label in your structure and it uses a fixed GPS position. Then as you assign this "Statue of Liberty" catalog label to one or more images, IDimager will automatically assign the GPS coordinates when you sync the catalog data to your image ([Ctrl]+[F12]).





While it is possible to enter the GEO location by hand it is much more convenient to drag the catalog label to the map of the GPS Panel Script. That will auto-enter the needed details for that catalog label. For the sake of the manual, this section will describe the manual entry.


Once you know the GEO location of the label that you'd like to tag, open the catalog label's details by right clicking on it and then select "Edit Item".




The details of the label now open.




First click the box "GEO Location" to enable GEO tagging for this label. The details will now display the GPS coordinates of the image. You can define latitude, longitude and altitude. Enter the values of the label there. By default the input fields are decimal, but if you know the degrees-minutes-seconds notation then you can click the "degs" hyperlink. You can optionally read the coordinates from online services like Google Maps ( or Microsoft Virtual Earth (




Once you have entered your latitude and longitude you can store the catalog label's details by clicking the <OK> button.


Optionally select the option "Overwrite GEO location when pre-existing GEO location is available". With this option disabled, IDimager will not write the specified label coordinates if the image already have pre-existing GPS data. With this option enabled, IDimager will overwrite the existing GPS data with the new location on syncing to the image.


Now as you assign this label to one or more images and then sync the catalog data to the image's metadata (Ctrl+F12) then IDimager will write these coordinates to the XMP GPS and Exif GPS fields.