Catalog Maintenance

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Your catalog is stored in a catalog database. IDimager offers some features that will help you maintain your database. Other maintenance features allow you to maintain the content of your catalog database.


The maintenance features of the catalog are accessed by clicking the "Maintenance" button.





Compact Databases


This feature is intended to reduce the overhead of the database. IDimager Personal and IDimager Pro SQLite use a SQLite as the database system. IDimager Pro SQLServer uses MS-SQLServer (2005 or up) or SQLServer Express as the database system. SQLite as well as SQLServer claim space in the database file(s) when they need it, but they won't "give back" that space when the extra space becomes unused; for example after a delete operation. To clean up this unused space in the database it is recommended that you use the Compact Database feature on a regular basis.


IDimager Personal and IDimager Pro Desktop both store the thumbnails and Previews in a separate database, apart from the catalog database. This database is called the Thumbnail database. In all IDimager editions, the thumbnail database uses SQLite as the database system, unless you use the startup parameter to store the thumbs database in SQLServer (see Annex B of this document).


To compact your database, open the Catalog Maintenance (Tools | Catalog Maintenance), and then click "Maintenance | Compact Databases" in the toolbar.




IDimager now asks which of the databases should be compacted.




For SQLite database, the compact always rewrites the database file. In so doing, it temporarily takes up to twice the database size in disk space.

If you decide to hard reboot or power cycle the computer during the compact of the database, you can leave the database in an inconsistent state. SQLite generally does a very good job of recovering from such a situation, but it isn’t perfect.



Clear XMP DB Cache


When entering metadata in IDimager, it will always store this information to XMP. At the same time, this XMP block is also stored cached in the database for faster future access. This maintenance feature allows you to clear out all XMP information that IDimager has stored in the database. Basically you'll never need it so don't click it until that is recommended by IDimager support.


When running this feature, all cached XMP data will be removed for images stored on "fixed"drives only. Images on offline media (like CDs, DVDs) will not be removed. For your info; images on a removable hard drive are considered "fixed" by Windows and therefore also by IDimager.


clip0330 Run this feature with the best possible care.



Cleanup Thumbs


This feature is intended to remove thumbnails and previews from the thumbnail database that no longer has references in the catalog database. It is safe to run this feature anytime but it is not required to run it on a regular basis. You could run it every couple (3?) of months.



Empty Images


When you run this feature, IDimager will permanently remove all images in your database. The existing labels and existing portfolio structures will not be removed. Use this feature only after you convinced yourself of the consequences.



Empty Catalog


When you run this feature, IDimager will permanently remove all information from your database. This includes images, portfolios, galleries, collection, sub collections, images and catalog label structures. Use this feature only after you convinced yourself of the consequences.