Cataloging, Versioning, and Stacking

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The global concept of cataloging is simple: add catalog labels to your images. This simple concept delivers very powerful results. By attaching one or more catalog labels to a photo you will build a full image matrix which is easy to explore and search through. This is best compared to tagging your images with notes (Post-Its). An image with you and your partner on it can get two catalog labels: one for your name and one for your partner, optionally add more catalog labels to identify the event, or the place, etc. Once you have cataloged all your images you will get a helicopter-view and gain powerful means to search your catalog.


The first (and most important) step in cataloging your images is that you start thinking about a label structure that best suites your workflow. Don't try to come up with catalog labels to describe the whole world, but start with just a few catalog labels and only for those things, events, places, or persons you find interesting. A catalog label structure is personal and therefore a manual like this can not offer you a fully fitting solution.


In short; cataloging is easy and powerful and is worth the time you will need to spend on building and labeling your own personal catalog. The more images you have, the more important your catalog will become.