Cataloging images using Keyboard Shortcuts

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Each catalog label can be configured with a custom keyboard shortcut (key combination of your keyboard). Once you assign a shortcut to the label, you can use that shortcut to quickly assign that label to one or more selected labels. While you can not assign multiple shortcuts to the same label, you can use the same shortcut for multiple labels. When multiple labels get the same shortcut assigned to them then that shortcut becomes a set of labels and when you press that shortcut combination, IDimager will ask you which of the labels should be assigned.


You can record a shortcut for a label in the details of a label. Select the label that you want to record a shortcut for and then press [Enter] to open its details (or right click -> Edit Item). In the label details dialog, find the field "Keyboard Shortcut" and click the <...> drop down to the right and select "Record Shortcut".




The dialog that opens allows you to instantly record a shortcut. Press the keyboard combination that you want to use for the label. E.g. [Ctrl]+[K].




Now click <OK> to confirm the shortcut and then click <OK> again to store the changed details of that image. In this sample I will record the same shortcut for every of my family members so that I can quickly use the shortcut [Ctrl]+[K] to assign one or more of my family members to my images.


Cataloging images with shortcuts


Now that we have configured some catalog labels with keyboard shortcuts, we're ready to use these shortcut(s) to assign those catalog labels to our images. First select the thumbnails in the Collection Viewer that we want to catalog. Then press a shortcut that you have configured for one or more of your catalog labels.


If the shortcut is assigned to only one catalog label then that label is instantly assigned to the selected images. If, like in our example, multiple labels have the same shortcut then you will be asked which labels should be assigned.




In this case, all of the catalog labels are selected as the default. Use the configuration in the lower left curner to change this behavior if you want it different. Options are "Select none as my default", "Select all as my default", and "Use last selection as my default".


In this case I don't want to assign one of the listed catalog labels. When I press the number that is displayed in front of the label name then that label is toggled. So if I want to include/exclude label "Alex" then just press [1] on the keyboard.


Once you made your selection (if needed) then click the <OK> button to assign the ticked catalog labels.