Cataloging images using the Catalog Assignment panel

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Another convenient way way to assign labels to images is by using the Collection Explorer.


The Catalog Explorer has two modes: Browse mode and Assignment mode. In Browse mode you can select elements in the catalog structure and the corresponding images will be loaded in the Collection Viewer. In Assignment mode all catalog labels get an extra selection box that you can use to assign that label to the selected images in the Collection Viewer. You can easily recognize in what mode the Catalog Explorer is set. You can switch the Catalog Explorer mode by pressing [Alt]+[F6] or by clicking the check icon in the title bar of the Catalog Explorer.


Browse Mode

Assignment Mode





In browse mode, the title is captioned "Catalog Explorer" and there is no orange selection bar.


In assignment mode, the title is captioned "Catalog Assignments" and there is an orange selection bar directly below the mini-toolbars.



Images can be cataloged one by one but you can also catalog for a series of images together. Select one or more thumbnails by clicking them while holding the [Ctrl] button pressed. You can also press [Ctrl]+[A] to select all images in the collection. Read chapter “Collection Viewer” for more selection options.


Just select the thumbnails that should be labeled and press [Alt]+[F6] to open the Catalog Explorer in assignment mode.



The Catalog Assignment is opened. Find the labels you want to assign to the selection of images by expanding the tree.


You can do this by:


1. Just type the name of the label while you are anywhere in the Catalog Assignment tree;


2. Use the search label feature in the Catalog Explorer:




3. Just browse through the label structure by expanding the labels.


Once you have found the correct label, click the selection box before the label to select it. It will be marked by a green selection mark.



It is also possible that the catalog label you want to assign to the selected images is not yet created. In that case you can create it directly in the catalog structure. Find the category or parent catalog label you want to define a new sub label for and right click to open the context menu. Then select “New Item”. You can also press [Insert]. A new catalog label is created below the selected label and the detail dialog opens. Enter the details and click <OK> to save them. After creating the catalog label it becomes visible in the structure and can be assigned.


An even simpler way to create a new catalog label is by entering its name in the Label Search field. If it doesn't exist then press [Enter] and the catalog label dialog will open where you can quickly create the new label.


As soon as you click the assignment box before the catalog labels name the label is assigned to the selected images. No need for further confirmation.


You can leave the Catalog Assignment tree open and select a different set of thumbnails. If the Catalog Assignment tree is still open they will be loaded to it automatically. By this way you can assign catalog labels to different thumbnails very quickly.