Cataloging images using the Label Assignment Panel

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The Basics


The easiest way to assign labels to images is by using the Label Assignment Panel. The Label Assignment Panel is a panel dedicated to assigning catalog labels to your images. It offers features for batchwise assignments, working with self-definable sets of catalog labels, and much more.

The Label Assignment Panel can be opened by either pressing [F6] or by clicking the label icon in the far left Explorer bar.




Once the Label Assignment Panel is open you are ready for take-off. Select one or more thumbnail in the Collection Viewer. As you select the images, their label assignments will be displayed in the Label Assignment Panel.




The upper table of the Label Assignment Panel lists the assigned labels for the selected images. The lower table shows label sets. Assigned labels are displayed in a highlighted color. By simply clicking on a label in any of the two tables you can assign that label to the selected images. If a label is displayed highlighted (already assigned), then that label will be unassigned when you click on it.





The number of columns in the tables of the Label Assignment Panel can be customized to better suit your needs. By clicking the + and - button in the upper right corner you can either add or remove columns from the tables.





If you select multiple images in the Collection Viewer then it is possible that one or more particular labels are assigned to *all* these images. In that case it is listed in the highlighted color. However, if a particular label is assigned to one or more of the selected images, but not to all of them, then the label is displayed in an orange color. The screenshot below illustrates this. There are two selected images and the label Belgium is assigned to *some* of them while the label Building is assigned to *all* of them.




In the situation where you have these orange labels then the click behavior is as follows: if you click on it then that label is unassigned from all images. That will make it display in the normal color. Then click it again to assign the label to all selected images. If you want to assign the label to all images immediately then you can click on the orange label while holding down the [Ctrl] key.


Unassign all labels


If you want to unassign all labels from the selected images, then click the drop down icon for the selected images and select "Unassign All".