Cataloging multiple images using the Collection Viewer

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As described before, you can assign catalog labels to one or a series of images. Select all thumbnails and press [Alt]+[F6]. The Catalog Explorer opens in Assignment Mode and the number of selected images is displayed in the orange selection bar of the Catalog Explorer. You can now  assign labels and every assigned label will be assigned to every selected image.


It is possible that one or more of the selected images already have one or more labels assigned to it.




In the sample screenshot above you see that 3 images are selected in the Collection Viewer. The branch of Selected Labels displays different colored catalog assignment boxes.


The orange check marks indicate that one or more of the selected images have this catalog label assigned, but not all. If all selected images have a certain catalog label assigned to it, the mark will be blue (the "Building" label in the screenshot). No mark is displayed if none of the selected images have that label assigned to it.


When you click the assignment box for a catalog label that has an orange box (only a few of the selected images have that label assigned) then that label will be removed from all selected images. By clicking it once more, it will then be assigned to all selected images (not only the images that had it assigned before, but all of them).


Tip: By holding down the [Ctrl] key and clicking the orange check mark you can instantly assign that label to all of the selected images.


Apart from using the Catalog Assignment panel you can also drag and drop a selection of thumbs on a catalog label. In that case the Catalog Explorer may be in either Assignment or Explorer mode. You can also drag and drop a catalog label to a selection of thumbnails.