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By default IDimager is configured to send e-mails through MAPI. A MAPI client is an e-mail program that is able to handle e-mail requests by other applications. IDimager will construct the full e-mail message and offer it to your favorite e-mail program which handles the mail sending process. This way you wont have to think about server settings etcetera.


If you dont want to use the MAPI mail client for sending out photos you can also use the integrated e-mail facility. This facility is a simple e-mail client that can be used to send e-mails.


To change your e-mail method, for example from MAPI to integrated or visa versa, you can use the e-mail options. Open the options dialog by selecting “Tools | Options” from the main menu. You can also press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[O]. Then select "General Settings | E-Mail"




Here is where you can select your favorite e-mail method.


If you choose the internal e-mail client then you must provide the login settings for your email server. These are normally the same as how you have configured you normal e-mail program. If you dont know the settings then lookup the documentation of your internet server provider.




SMTP Server Name

Type the name of the SMTP server at the internet provider. E.g.:



Enter the port number that is used by the SMTP server. Normally this should be set to 25 and doesnt need changing. When in doubt, please contact your internet provider.


This SMTP server requires logon

Some SMTP servers are configured in a way that only login users are allowed to send out e-mails. If your server is configured to use this option (which is not common) then select it here.


Two new fields pop up where you can enter your login name and password.


Test SMTP Settings

Once you have entered all settings, click this button to check if your settings are correct. At that time IDimager will send out a test e-mail message to the e-mail address provided and using the entered settings.



Tip; below is a sample how you can configure IDimager to be used with Google's GMail(tm) service:




Click button <OK> to save the changes and close the options dialog.