Closing and opening boxes

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Once you have opened the Light Table with a selection of images, you can close one of the images by selecting the box and then press the [X] keyboard shortcut. The selected box will close. If this is the last box, the entire Light Table will close and youll return to the Collection Viewer.


A new box can be added to the Light Table by pressing the keyboard shortcut [N]. The new box will be added and the image in box that was selected when you pressed [N] will be loaded in the box. This leaves you with two identical images on the table. You can change the image in the new box by selecting it and then press [Left] or [Right]. You may also decide to keep two of the same images in the same box, either to compare different areas of the same image or to compare a sharpness version ([Ctrl]+[Q] with an unsharpened version or for many other possible reasons.


As you close or open new boxes, IDimager will reorganize the remaining boxes leaving a constant optimized view of the remaining images.