Batch operations using the Collection Viewer

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Although IDimager includes a powerful Batch Processor that can handle batch-wise operations in a flexible way, there are also some batch processing tasks available directly from the Collection Viewer. The word “batch” means that the operation will be applied to a series of images, which in this case is the series of thumbnails selected in the Collection Viewer. Batch operations are also available in the Batch Processor; this will be described in a later chapter.


Batch operations that can be used directly from the Collection Viewer are:



All selected thumbnails (and corresponding original images) will be rotated 90 degrees left or right.



The image size (dimensions) for all selected images will be changed.


Rename original file names

The file names of the images will be changed.


(Re)date/change date

One or more date/time fields in each of the selected images will be changed.  (You can change either the file date/times and/or the Exif date/times.)