Batch rotations

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Using the batch rotate feature, you can rotate one or more images over an angle of either 90 degrees right (clockwise) or 90 degrees left (counter clockwise). When using the Collection Viewers rotation feature, all rotations are lossless. For JPEG files this means that there will be no quality loss due to recompression.


To rotate multiple images you simply select their thumbnails. While holding down the [Ctrl] key down you can click on any thumbnail to add it to the selection.


You can now press the "[" key to rotate left and the "]" key to rotate right. Another keyboard short cut is [Ctrl]+[L] for left and [Ctrl]+[R] for right.


Important; IDimager uses "Quick" rotation. This means that the original image's content is not actually rotated, but that only the orientation flag of the image's metadata is updated. Since IDimager is fully "orientation" aware, that will allow you to view your images in the correct position without the need to even "touch" the content of your image.


IDimager normally stores metadata changes only to the database, so if you need this information in other tools as well, then synchronize your image by pressing [Ctrl]+[F12]. That will write the catalog information to the file, update the embedded XMP orientation flag, and also update the Exif orientation flag as well as the Exif thumbnail.