Color Management

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IDimager is color aware. This means that it can work with (embedded) color profiles to show you the optimal colors. The Option dialog contains a section that is dedicated to Color Management (Tools | Options | General Settings | Color Management). There you can enable color management for viewing and separately for printing.




When you open images in the Image Viewer then IDimager will convert the color schema to the monitor profile that is defined in the “Monitor Settings” tab. By default this value is set to the sRGB color profile which is the most average color space. If you work with a calibrated monitor, then you should select the profile of your monitor as the monitor profile. The Color Management settings include a "Input Profile" and a "Monitor Profile". The Input profile will not be used by IDimager for images where a color profile can be determined based on the embedded color definitions (either an embedded color profile or based on the color space Exif/XMP tag). When an image is opened in the Image Viewer then IDimager will first check for an embedded color profile. If no embedded color profile is available, it will check the color space setting by the camera. If that too is not available the image will be converted using the specified input profile.


Read chapter “The Options” for more information about the other settings.



Opening a color managed image


Once you open a color managed image in the Image Viewer the color space information can be found below the image.




The line displays the profile as defined within the image (Image ICM Profile) and the current viewing profile (Current ICM Profile). When you open a color managed photo IDimager will only convert the visual part of the image. The original image is still in its original profile. That way you can benefit most of your selected profile. Every editing that is applied to the image will be applied in the original color space and not the viewing color space.



Soft Proofing


Soft proofing is a way to view your image on-screen in a selectable color profile to see how the image will look like when printed on a printer or a specific type of paper.


Once you have opened a color managed photo in the Image Viewer, it will display the color info at the bottom. By clicking the “Current ICM Profile” label will allow you to select a different color profile to view the image or select a Soft Proofing color space.




There you can select a different profile that should be used as the monitor profile. For soft proofing this will be typically your printers profile. When you have defined a soft-proofing profile, then IDimager will display the profiles name in the bar in the color red.



Converting between color profiles


You can change between color profiles by using the “Save As” option in the Image Viewer.


Open the image in the Image Viewer by double clicking its thumbnail. Then select the “Save As” options as indicated below.




Enter the file name and then click the tab sheet “Color Management ICC/ICM”. Please note that this tab sheet is only available when you have enabled monitor color management in the options dialog.




Optionally select a different color profile as the output profile. By default it is set to the profile the image was originally in. Optionally select a different color profile (e.g. sRGB) and click <OK> to save the image.


The input profile will only be used when no embedded profile can be determined.