Converting images to different file formats

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IDimager supports many image file formats. It is possible to open an image in one format and save it back to a different image file format, for example open a JPG image and save it to BMP or from TIFF to PNG, PSD to GIF, etc. You can not write images to every format the IDimager can read. Some formats are only readable by IDimager due to the proprietary structure of the file. These formats include all RAW formats (NEF, CRW, CR2, PEF, ORF, MRW, etc) and specific formats like PSD and PSPIMAGE. This means you can convert images from every format that IDimager can read but only write to formats that IDimager can write.


To convert an image with the Image Viewer (it can also be done in batch using the Batch Processor) you open it first by double clicking the thumbnail. The Image Editing panels toolbar contains the “save as” button.



Click this “save as” button to convert it. A new dialog will open where you can specify a new file name and select the image format.




The file name is pre-filled with a constructed file name that is based on the “save as” option from the options dialog. By default a converted file will be stored in a folder called “Edited”. However you can change this behavior in the options dialog (Tools | Options | General Settings | Image Viewing / Editing | “Save as” mask when re-saving).




Here you see that by default the file will be stored to the images original file path, combined with the original file name part, then “_edit_”  and todays date. Optionally change this mask to better meet your personal preference.


Some formats allow custom settings like “TIFF” and “JPG”. The TIFF format allows you to define the compression that should be used (LZW is loss less and recommended for Tiffs).


The JPG format allows a compression quality setting.




You can also define a file size limit. This option allows you to save a JPG to a specific maximum file size. IDimager will calculate the compression rate that results in a file size that is smaller but closest to the specified limit.


The converted image will automatically be stored as a version of your original file. This can be switched off in the Options dialog (Tools | Options | General Settings | Image Viewing / Editing | Store edited images as a version of its original).