Copy and paste labels assignments using Windows’ Clipboard

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With IDimager you can copy the catalog label assignments from one image and subsequently paste it to other image(s).


First you select one or more images for which you want to copy the catalog labels. Then click on the Quick Assign icon on any of the selected thumbnails. This Quick Assignment popup displays the selected catalog labels (among others). Click the entry "Copy Labels to Clipboard" to copy the current assigned catalog label for the active selection to the Windows clipboard.




Note; If you have selected multiple images and only a few of these images have a certain label assigned to it (orange assignment boxes) then these too will be copied to the clipboard.


Once you have copied the assignments, change your selection in the Collection Viewer by selecting the images that need the same assignments as the ones you just copied. Again click on the Quick Assign icon and then select "Paste Labels from Clipboard".


Now the copied catalog labels are assigned to the current selection of thumbnails. If needed, you can repeat this and paste the catalog labels to another selection of thumbs.


Inside the Collection Viewer select on or more thumbnails where you want to paste the selection to. In the Catalog Tree you can now click the paste button. This will instantly assign the selection from the clipboard to the current selected set.





You can also copy/paste catalog label assignments without opening the Quick Assign panel. Just use select the source images and use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] to copy the assignments to the Clipboard. Then select the target images and use shortcut [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[V] to paste the label assignments from the Clipboard to these images.