Copy, Cut and paste in Media collections

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Copy and cut operations within collections of the Media Browser (file system folders) will result in physical changes of the file system. By copying images, the original files will be duplicated. By cutting images, the files will be moved. As an example, the Media Browser is opened and a folder containing images is selected. One or more thumbs are selected and copied to the clipboard. Now you switch to a new folder in the Media Browser and paste the clipboard. The initially selected images are copied to the new folder. If the same process had been done with a cut instead of a copy command, than the original images would have been moved to the collection after the paste command was issued.


Open a folder in the Media Browser and select the folder that contains the images that need to be copied or moved. Select the thumbnail of the relevant images. Now right click on a selected thumbnail and select “Copy and Paste” from the context menu. The sub menu allows you to select a copy or cut operation. Please note the shortcuts that can be used for copy/cut/paste operations.




You can also select “Edit | Copy selected images” from the applications main menu or press [Ctrl]+[C]. Now the references to the selected images are copied to the Windows clipboard. Keep in mind: only references are copied to the clipboard and not the images themselves (to copy an image you need to use the Image Viewer, which is described in the next chapter).


Now that the selected items are copied to the clipboard, you can paste the items into a different collection. Open the folder where you want to copy/move the images to and select “Edit | Paste” from the main menu or press [Ctrl]+[V]. The original images will be copied or moved, depending on whether you selected copy or cut. Copying or moving the original images will only be issued when pasting into a collection from the Media Browser.