Copy, Cut and paste using the Collection Viewer

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The Collection Viewer supports copy, cut and paste features using the Windows clipboard. This means that you can copy/cut images from any collection and paste them back in other collection(s). How the copy/cut/paste behaves may be slightly different for collections in the Media Browser and Catalog Explorer. For instance, images that are cut from a collection in the Media Browser and then pasted in another file folder will be physically moved on the file system. On the other hand, when you paste to a collection derived from a catalog label in the Catalog Explorer, then IDimager will assign that catalog label to the image and paste it in the collection.


Images inside a collection can be exchanged between collections. This makes the copy/cut and paste features ideal to make quick changes to your collection or to fill collections based on images within other collections.


“Copy” is duplicating items using the Windows clipboard.

“Cut” is replacing/moving items using the Windows clipboard.


All copy, cut and paste options are also available as Drag and Drop features. Using Drag and Drop is actually recommended over copy/paste, because it is faster to process. When using Drag and Drop, use the following rule of thumb: when dropping a file while holding down the [Ctrl] key, the file is copied. But if you drag and drop without pressing the [Ctrl] key, the file is moved.