Create and remove catalog labels

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The easiest way to create a catalog label structure is to create them directly from the Catalog Explorer. For this example we will create the following structure using the Catalog Explorer.




       Attraction Parks


Universal Studios

       City Trips


First open the Catalog Explorer panel by clicking the Spider Web icon from the left Explorer Bar and in the Catalog Explorer, expand then "Catalog Labels" branch.


To create the structure, first select the category where the new structure should be stored in. If you need to create a structure that doesn't fit in any of the pre-defined categories, then you can create a new category first. In this sample we will use the “Events” category so select it by clicking once on the Events category. Now right-click on the category to open its context menu (or press [Insert].




Select “New Item” from the context menu. The catalog label properties dialog opens. Enter the name of the first label in our structure. In this case that is "Trips".


The dialog offers a few more detail fields which are of less importance right now. Just click <OK> to store the Trips catalog label.




As now return to the Catalog Explorer and the new Trips catalog label is displayed below the "Events" category.


Now select Trips and press [Insert] again to create a new catalog label named "Attraction Parks" below the Trips catalog label. In the sample there are two sub labels: Attraction Parks" and "City Trips". So to create City Trips: select Trips, press [Insert], name it "City Trips" and click <OK>.


Also create the sub labels "Disney" and "Universal Studios" below the label "Attraction Parks".





Delete a catalog label


You are now ready to assign these labels to your images. Then again, these are just examples, so you may want to remove them again. You can delete a catalog label by right clicking on the label and then select "Delete Item" (or press [Delete]). Take note that when you remove a catalog label that all sub labels will be removed as well. When the catalog label is removed, the label will automatically be revoked from the images that the label was assigned to. The assigned images will *not* be removed from disk, nor from the catalog database.


It is also possible to remove a series of catalog labels. In that case use the selection boxes at the front of each catalog label and tick the labels that you want to have deleted from the database. Once you have made a selection then click the Multi Tools button in the mini-toolbar and select "Delete Selected Labels from the Catalog".