Create Slide Show Movies

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IDimager can record a slide show, including transition effects, to an AVI movie, an animated GIF movie or as a self running EXE movie.


An AVI movie is the most popular movie format and will therefore offer you maximum flexibility. Use the created AVI movie files to


burn VCD or DVD movies using your favorite burning software like Nero (by Ahead). You can also convert AVI movies to Macromedia Flash movies. These movies are very popular on the web.
Use SWF Producer (by Rendersoft) to convert AVI movies to Flash movies. But first we need to create the AVI movie.
Just burn the AVI movie to a disk and take the disk along to show to friends, family or anyone else. AVI movies are playable on almost every computer.


To create a movie of your slide show, open the Slide Show Designer by choosing “Tools -> Slide Show Designer”. Then either create a new slide show or open a previously stored slide show. The click the record button in the upper toolbar (

_img226) or press F9. The Slide Show Movie dialog will open.


Gif movies have the advantage that they are very easy to place on the internet, however, they tend to get big in size.


Self Running EXE movies have the advantage that they are very easy to distribute to others without them having the need to have IDimager installed on their computer.




In this dialog you can specify the following attributes:


Movie Style

Here you can specify what kind of movie you would like to create. Possible options are: “AVI movie”, “Animated GIF movie” and “IDimager Self Running EXE”.


Movie Size

This is where you can specify the size of the output movie. The size of the movie is important for the quality of your result. For instance; if you choose a low output size of 160x120 and want to burn this movie as a VCD, which has a size of 352x240, then the VCDs quality will be low because the original movie of 16x120 must be stretched to fit the VCD resolution. So select the size that is appropriate to the purpose.


If your output size is not in the list, select “User Defined. With this selection you can specify any size preferred.


Width and Height

When selecting “User Defined” Movie Size, specify any width and height here.


Frame rate

Specify the number of frames (images) you would like to add to the movie every second (frames per second = fps)


Output Movie File Name

Here you can specify the name and folder on your hard disk where the output movie should be stored.


Use Compression (codec)

This is where you can specify which compression mechanism should be used for the output movie. Compression mechanisms are called codecs. Codecs should be installed on your system before generating a movie.


Compression mechanisms will guarantee that the output image will be much smaller. The size of the file will depend on the compression factor you will apply to it. Specify a low value for a higher quality. It is good to start at about 10%. If you dont like the result, try another codec or a lower compression factor.


As stated before, codec should be installed on your computer prior to generating movies. A good example of a very powerful compressor is the Indeo codec. This codec is installed on every Windows configuration. Using this codec will almost guarantee that your movies will play on every Windows equipped PC.


Another codec, unfortunately not installed with Windows, is the DivX codec. This codec will create very small output files with relatively good quality.


Compression Quality Factor

Here you can specify how much compression IDimager should apply to the image. The lower the compression factor, the better the quality of the output movie, but the bigger the output file. This value can only be set when a codec is selected.


On the fly compression)

Check this box when you want IDimager to compress the movie as it is created, instead of compressing afterwards. On the fly compression will decrease the slide show speed, but will not affect the play speed in the movie. On the fly compression is not supported by every codec, so if errors appear when generating the movie, try to deselect this check box!


Audio recording quality

Select the quality your audio should have. A quality of 32000 or 44000 is recommended.


Burn to auto-run CD afterwards

Selecting this box will enable you to create an auto run CD with your movie file on it. It will

open the burner afterwards and include the created movie file with the auto run information, ready to be burned by clicking the “Burn” button.




Click OK and the slide show will start while recording to the specified movie style (AVI, EXE or GIF-file).



A progress bar shows the progress of recording. To stop recording, click on the button. To pause the recording, while the slideshow should proceed, click the pause button: . Recording will continue when click the button. When the slide show finishes, the AVI movie file is created.