Create/Rename/Delete a gallery

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After installing IDimager for the first time, an empty portfolio is created or if you created a new portfolio, then that portfolio contains one empty gallery named “Main Gallery”. Off course the name of this gallery can be changed. Please note that you can not delete the last available gallery in a portfolio.


To create a new gallery, you need to open the portfolio first. Do so by double clicking on the portfolio name. IDimager shows all existing galleries within that portfolio. To create a new gallery you right click the portfolios name and select “New item” from the context menu.




You will be prompted to enter the new gallerys name. Then click <OK> to add the new gallery to the portfolio.


Galleries can be recognized by the book+cubes icon. you can open the gallery by double clicking on it.


To rename an existing gallery, select it, right click and select "Edit Item". You will be asked to enter the new name. Then click <OK>.


To delete an existing gallery, select it, right click and select "Delete Item".




Note; IDimager always requires at least one gallery inside every portfolio; which means you can not delete the last available gallery.


By deleting a gallery from an portfolio none of the images located inside the gallery will be deleted from the file system. Only the gallerys definition will be deleted, meaning the gallery itself and all collections with sub collections inside it will be removed. Again the images will remain on your hard drive.


Now you have created or named your gallery, you are ready to start filling it with collections. Each collection within a gallery can contain an unlimited number of collections. A collection in the portfolio is a stored set of images you want to organize and maintain together.