Creating a new resource

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To create a new resource, click the new button in the toolbar.




First enter a name for the resource. This name may only consist of letters from “a” to “z”. Other punctuation signs or spaces are not allowed in the name. Then click the button “Load” to select a file which should be loaded.


A resource does not require being an image file, but can be any type of file. So it is also possible to add for instance mp3 or flash files as a resource.


After loading the file it will be displayed in the box (only possible for image files), otherwise it will show a “File” icon to specify it contains a different kind of file.


If you want to replace the resource by a different file click the “Clear” button and then click “Load” again to load a new file.


Once a file is loaded as a resource, IDimager will fully copy the file to the template. This means that if you change the file on disk, you will have to reload it to the template. If you no longer have the original file, you can re-save it to file by clicking the “Save” button.


Click the “OK” button to confirm your changes to the resource and return to the resource list.