Customize the version place holders

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By default IDimager comes with a few predefined version place holders: album display, web display, slide shows, print, and e-mail.However, with IDimager Pro you can define as many place holders as you need (IDimager Personal is limited to 10 place holders).


To change the version place holder, open the version panel from the left Explorer Bar and then click the button in the mini toolbar to customize the place holders.





In this dialog you see the list of all defined place holders. The first 5 place holders are fixed. This means that you can not remove them from the application. The reason is that IDimager also "acts" on these place holders. For instance when you mail an image that is part of a version set and an image is assigned to the e-mail place holder, then IDimager will use the e-mail version to create the mail message. The same goes for web publishing (web display version), slide shows (slide show version), printing (print version), etc. You can change the names of the place holders in this dialog, but it is not recommended to do so. For instance; if you rename "printing" to "mailing" and you assign a version to this "mailing" place holder, then IDimager will use that version to print. Not exactly clear behaviour, so it is recommended to leave the first 5 place holders the same (or change the name to something that covers the same concept).


Per place holder you can specify the name, if it should be visible in the application or not, and the sequence/order number of the place holder.


To delete a place holder you can click the button in front of the place holder.




Once clicked, the place holder will be marked for deletion. To remove the mark, you click the button once more. All marked place holders will be deleted from the database as soon as you confirm your settings by clicking the <OK> button. When deleting a place holder you are not deleting any of the assigned images from the database. Only the relationship between place holder and image will be removed.