Describing images in batch

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The previous chapter described how you can describe your photos one by one. However, with IDimager you can also apply descriptions to a series of images in a single batch. This can be done in two ways:


1. by selecting two or more thumbs and then pressing [Alt]+[Enter]

2. by selecting two or more thumbs and then using the Batcher by clicking the Batch button in the application's main toolbar.  Once inside the batcher, you can add the batch command "Image Details"


Both methods are essentially the same feature, so this section applies to all of them.


Once you have selected some images, press [Alt]+[Enter] to open the meta editor:




You can use the "Editor Schema" to customize the fields listed in the groups and add/remove any missing fields as you please.


Only fields that you alter in this form will be applied to the images; fields that you leave untouched will not be applied.


Once you change a field, the field's caption will turn green and a checked button will appear in front of it. This color indicates the state of the field. A green color indicates that the field will be replaced with the current content. A blue color indicates that the current content will be appended to the existing content, and a red color indicates that the old content will be emptied. IDimager actually provides three ways for applying the information in a detail profile field to an image:  "Replace", "Append" and "Clear".  You can toggle between these three states by clicking the small button left of the field's caption label. Each of the three states is represented by displaying the caption label in a different color (green for Replace, blue for Append, and red for Clear).


In Append state, the specified value in the detail profile's entry field is appended to the end of the corresponding information field of the image when the detail profile is applied. 

In Clear state, the existing value in the image's information field is erased when the detail profile is applied.


Once you have entered all relevant information (you can also use detail profiles), you can apply the details. Only the changed fields will be applied to the selection of images.