Describing your photos

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After reading this chapter's somewhat theoretical introduction, you might think that working with meta information is a complex task. But this is not the case: adding meta information to your images is no more complicated than entering information into some entry fields.


To describe your images in IDimager, you can open the images properties. Do this by pressing [Alt]+[Enter] on a selected thumb or by clicking the pen icon in the far left Explorer Bar. The Image Details panel will then open.




Each field in the Image Details has a caption (left column) and a content (right column). By hovering the mouse over the caption, you can display help information for that field.



This Image Details panel contains all fields (properties) that are defined in the IPTC4XMP schema. These fields are organized in groups; simply enter information into any field (or fields) of interest and then click the Apply button in the toolbar to store the changes (or select another thumb).




In addition to being able to enter meta information on a per-image base, you can also enter meta information for a series of images (batch data entry) in a similar way.





Sometimes it is convenient to be able to quickly copy a property's value to the Windows Clipboard. You can do that by right clicking on the caption of a property and then select "Copy Value to Clipboard". The value will always be copied to the clipboard in text format (even for non text typed properties).