Designing a disc

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Normally you would invoke the Burner from withing the application by selecting images or folder that should be burned. However, this chapter uses the option to start the Burner "clean". If you start the Burner (Tools -> Burner or  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[B]) it will load an empty design. This means that there are no files yet that should be burned. We need to add files to the design first so the Burner knows what should be burned to disc.


Naming your disc


Every disc has a name; this name is also referred to as the “Volume Name”. The Volume Name will be set to “CD” by default. This is the name you also see behind the disc-icon in the folder structure area.



The volume name can be changed. Give the disc a name that you think covers its content best. Preferably constraint the length of the name to 12 characters.


To change the name of a disc, right click on the volume name and select “Rename CD” from the context menu.




Enter the new name and press [Enter].




Working with folders


Now we have named the disc, we can start filling its design with data.


The volume name, which is displayed on top of the folder structure, is the so-called “Root” of the disc. The root is a folder, just like any other folder. The root and any other (sub)folder can contain files.


To create a folder you need to select the parent folder first. The parent folder is the folder that will contain the new folder. Because this is the first design, and we have no existing folders yet, select the root folder by clicking it once. Now the parent is selected, press [Ins] to add a new folder beneath the selected folder.




Give the folder a name and click [Ok]. The new folder is then created and will be displayed in the folder structure.



This procedure can be repeated to add more folders. First select the parent folder, then press [Ins].


This allows you to create a full folder structure manually.


Once you have created a folder, you can also delete it again (the root can not be deleted). This can be done by selecting the folder and the press [Del]. The folder will be deleted from the design, including all existing sub folders and including all files that are currently defined for the folder or its sub folders. So be cautious!


Adding a folder from disc


It is almost unfeasible to completely design a CD/DVD by hand. And why should you if the files that need to be burned are already well organized on your hard drive? You can add a folder from your hard drive quickly and the Burner will read all files and sub folders with their files to the design. This will not only read your photos, but all files.


First select the correct folder where you want to add the folder from drive. Then right click on that folder to open its context menu and select “Add folder from Drive”. Navigate to the folder you need to add and click ok.  All files from this folder will be added and all sub folders, each with their files, will be added too.


By navigating through the folders youll see the corresponding files in the file structure area (right side).


Adding files


Now we are able to create folders its time we learn how to add files to folders. First select a folder where files should be added to. Do this by clicking the folder. This can be the root, or any other folder, even folders that were created by reading them from your hard drive.


To add files to the folder you can right click on the folder and select “Add files from drive”. You can also right click on the file structure area.


A selection window opens. Here you can select one or more files. These dont have to be photo files, they can be any file available. You can select multiple files by holding the [Ctrl] key down while clicking the file names.


After selecting your files, click “Open” to add the files to the selected folder within our burner design.





A single folder in our design can contain files from different locations on you hard drive(s). By repeating the procedure above you can add files to the same folder from a different location.



This way you can fill your design with files. After that you are ready to burn the design to disc.