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Your e-mail address

Enter your e-mail address here. This e-mail address will be used as the sender-email address.


Use MAPI E-mail client / Use internal E-Mail client

Select MAPI e-mail client if you want to send your photos using the default email client as installed on your system (outlook, )


Select internal email client if you want IDimager to fully handle e-mail sending.


SMTP Server Name

Enter the name of your SMTP server here. If you dont know this name, please contact your internet service provider. Example: mail.planet.nl



Enter the port for the SMTP server. Usually this would be 25 and only needs changing if your service provider uses a specific port. When in doubt, contact your internet service provider.


This SMTP server requires logon

Some SMTP servers are configured to log in. In most cases this wont be required. If so, switch this option on and enter the user name and password in the fields that appear..


Test SMTP Settings

Once you have entered all fields, click this button to send out a test message. This message will be sent to your e-mail address as entered in the first field.