E-Mailing photos

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With IDimager you can send a single image or a complete series of images to someone else using the e-mail feature. Often you dont want to send out the original image but a smaller version instead. You might copy your images first, then resize them and prepare them to send through e-mail. Not with IDimager. IDimager can do all that for you before sending it out, without changing the original image. This all transparently so you wont have to think about it. This way IDimager will shorten the time required to send e-mails with your images. You can even send images and provide them with a frame.


IDimager can mail images through any MAPI e-mail client like Outlook, Outlook Express or any other MAPI supporting mail client. For those who dont have a MAPI e-mail, or just because you dont want to use your MAPI mail client, there is also a built in e-mail client provided for convenience.