Histogram and Exif display

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An important aspect when working with images in a direct comparison environment is the ability to view the technical details (Exif) of the image and also the color span within the image (histogram).


Once you have opened the Light Table with a selection of images, you can select a box and then press [E] to display the Exif. Press [H] to display the histogram. Both will display as a see-through box on top of the image. The Exif and/or histogram can also be displayed for all images. In that case press [Shift]+[E] for all Exif windows and [Shift]+[H] for all histogram windows.



(a single box with the Exif information displayed; press [E])


When you open the Exif Window (press [E] or [Shift]+[E] for all), then it will display the Exif summary for the image. By clicking the E button in the Exif windows toolbar, youll open the Exif customization dialog. You can select the Exif fields which should be included by selecting one or more unselected Exif tags and the use the "select" and "deselect" buttons to move them to the selected Exif tags list.