How to create a Stored Group

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Open the Catalog Explorer by clicking the spider web icon from the left Explorer Bar.


In the Catalog Explorer there are selection boxes at the left side of each catalog label or other entries in the tree. There you select all the elements that should be part of the stored group. You can combine any type of element: catalog labels, rating, color labels, catalog folders, etc.


Once you have made your selection, click the button in the Catalog Explorer's mini-toolbar. Now you can name your stored group. Give it a name that matches the selection. In the sample at the right, a selection was made of Hertwig, Alex, and Dean, with a 2 star rating.



Name the group appropriately (for instance “Tom and Jenny, but not Fred”). When asked if youd like to design the content for the group, respond “Yes”. This opens the new “Design Stored Group” dialog.




Click OK to store the selection group. You return to the explorer and notice that the Stored Group branch now has a child entry.




When you select this stored group then all images will be displayed in the Collection Viewer with the selected condition, meaning all the images are displayed that have catalog labels "Hertwig" and "Alex" and "Dean" and are rated with two stars. Once we have learned how to assign images you will also see that we can assign this stored group to images and when doing so, all included catalog labels of the group will be assigned to these images with one click and also a 2 star rating is applied. This makes Stored Groups very convenient to assign series of catalog labels to images.