Image Viewing Options

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This options category defined how the Image Viewer behaves.




Images are opened in...

Here you can select how the image should be opened once you double click on a thumbnail. Valid options are: "Image Editor" and "Full Screen Viewer".


By selecting Image Editor (the default), IDimager will open the image in the Image Editor/Viewer and allows you to make changes, switch zoom level, switch to full screen, and much more.


By selecting Full Screen Viewer, IDimager will open the image in full screen mode. This mode is actually a single image in the Light Table, switch to full screen. This will give you all advantages of the Light Table too.


Dynamic switching; No matter which option you selected above, you can always hold down the [Shift] key and then double click to get the alternative option. Example; you have selected the "Full Screen Viewer" as you image opening mode. This means that you can double click on a thumbnail and open that image in the Full Screen mode. However, if you hold down [Shift] and double click on the thumbnail, it will be opened in the Image Editor/Viewer. Evidently this also applies when you select the Image Editor as your default mode. In that case a double click will open in the Editor and [Shift]+Double Click will open the image in the full screen mode.


Image Viewer Background Color

Specify the color that should be used as the background color in the Image Viewer (opened image).


Image Viewer optimized for

Choices are Best Speed or High Quality


Best Speed: Use this setting for the best speed when browsing through your images in the Image Viewer. The downside is that display quality is compromised for speed.


Good Quality: Use this setting for the best possible quality in the Image Viewer. The downside is that it is slower to browse through images.


Mouse Wheel in Image Viewer

Here you can specify how the scroll mouse should behave when used in the Image Viewer. Valid options are "Zoom In/Zoom out" and "Skip Image (Browse)".


If you want the mouse scroll behavior to act reversed compared to the default behavior, make sure you select the option inverted.


Default Crop Grid Rule

When an image is opened in the Image Editor and you then activate the crop tool then the crop selection rectangle can be divided using several rules:


Rule of Thirds: The rectangle is divided into 3 equally sized parts

Golden Rule: The rectangle is divided into 3 parts based on the golden rule (golden ratio = Phi)


Open images by using the camera recorded orientation

Select this option if you want IDimager to rotate the files based on the Exif orientation flag (portrait of landscape) if available.


Use embedded previews for RAW files

By selecting this option IDimager will try to read embedded images for your RAW files. If an embedded image is found, this is presented to you in the Image Viewer. If no embedded image is found, the image will be converted using the integrated RAW converter (DCRAW engine). Enabling this option will improve your working speed for RAW images.


Save As mask when re-saving

Here you can specify a macro command mask that you want to use when saving as image to a new filename. The suggested file name will then be based on this mask. Use the button to the right of this field to construct a file name mask using macro commands.


Store edited images as a version of its original

Select this option if you want images that are saved to a new name be stored as a version of its original.


Edited images are stored as the "album display" version

Select this option if you want a images that are saved to a new name to be stored in the "album display" version place holder.


Image statusbar text content

Design the text to be displayed below the image in the Image Viewer/Editor.


The Image Viewer/Editor also has its own status bar. Here you can configure what info should be contained on the bar.


By clicking the button you will be able to design the text that should appear in the status bar.


The design uses the mini-HTML editor and you'll be able to use HTML capabilities, in combination with macro commands.




Image Viewer Info Text

Design the text to be displayed in the Info Box of the image when opened in the Image Viewer/Editor.


In the Image Viewer/Editor you can press the i-key [i] on your keyboard to display information about the image. This option allows you to configure what is displayed in the info box.





Span the Light Table over dual monitor if available

When your configuration is equipped with a dual monitor setup then you can specify that the Light Table should be spanned over both monitors.


With this setting disabled then IDimager will use your primary monitor for the Light Table which you can optionally position on either monitor. With this setting enabled, the Light Table will use both monitors and treat it as one single large monitor. The best experience is achieved when you dual monitors both share the same resolution.