Basic Features
Getting started with IDimager
Using the Panels System
The Main Explorers; Catalog Explorer and Media Browser
Working with the Explorers
The Catalog Explorer; A quick start
The Media Browser
The Collection Viewer
Navigation and selecting/de selecting images
Scaling the thumbnails
Sorting thumbnails
Sorting thumbnails by hand
Filtering thumbnails
The Collection Viewer’s view style
Rebuilding thumbnails
Remove/deleting images
Copy, Cut and paste using the Collection Viewer
Copy, Cut and paste in Media collections
Copy, Cut and Paste between different explorers (mixed)
Batch operations using the Collection Viewer
Batch rotations
Batch image resize
Batch rename files
Batch (re)date/change date
Customizing the Collection Viewer’s appearance
Opening images
Open an image in IDimager
Open an image in an external application
Working with Workspaces
Reading Images to the Catalog
Import existing images
Using the Downloader
Main Downloader Window
Quick Start for the Downloader
Working with Download Profiles
Basic Settings
Advanced Settings
Using the DNG Downloader Script
Working with Meta Description profiles
Working with the Catalog
Working with Portfolios
Using the Downloader
Using the Thumbs View
Using the Details View
How the Flags work
Using the Icons View
Downloading Images
Working with Meta Information; XMP, IPTC
A brief introduction to IPTC
How IDimager stores Meta information
Describing your photos
Working with detail profiles
Describing images in batch
Customizing the meta editor (custom panels)
Keywords and delimited keywords
Cataloging, Versioning, and Stacking
Building your catalog label structure
Working with Catalog Labels
Create and remove catalog labels
Itemizing a catalog label (decomposition)
Changing a catalog label its details
Searching for a catalog label
Reorganising your catalog label structure
Relocate catalog labels
Merging catalog labels
Catalog Label Relationships
Stored Groups
How to create a Stored Group
How to modify an existing Stored Group
How can I use a group to assign catalog labels
Cataloging images
Getting your images in the catalog
Cataloging images using the Label Assignment Panel
Working with Label Sets
Cataloging images using the Catalog Assignment panel
Cataloging multiple images using the Collection Viewer
Copy and paste labels assignments using Windows’ Clipboard
Quick Cataloging
Cataloging images using Keyboard Shortcuts
Cataloging images with the Stamper
Cataloging images with Face Labeling
Cataloging images with Speech Labeling
Working with ratings and image scores
Working with color labels
Catalog Backup and Maintenance
Backup your catalog database
Catalog Maintenance
Working with versions
Adding versions for a main version
Versioning on download
Versioning while edited images
Versioning with the Batcher
Versioning by hand
Working with the Version Detection Wizard
Customize the version place holders
Cascade meta information
Automatic cascading
Working with stacks
Organizing in portfolios
Create/Rename/Delete a portfolio
Create/Rename/Delete a gallery
Create a collection
Adding images to a collection
Virtual, Fast Collections, and Image Basket
Working with Virtual Collections
Working with Fast Collections
Working with the Image Basket
Searching images
The search results
Quick Search Panel
Dynamic Searching
Multi Select Searching
Search images by Meta Information
Stored search queries
Delete a search query
Search image files on the hard drive
Search missing images in catalog
Search Bookmarked Images
Search Out-of-Sync images
The Image Editor/Viewer
Viewing images
Using the zoom features
Making a selection
Editing images / Image Editor
Undo and redo
Size & Crop
Resize image
Change Canvas Size
Cropping images
Rotate Image Left
Rotate Image Right
Free rotate
Straighten Horizon
Flip Horizontal and Vertical
Editing Effects
Highlights and Shadows
White Balance
Tone Curves
Dynamic Range
Black and White
Color Balance
Auto Effects
Sharpness and Blur
Red Eye Removal
Captions, Frames and Marking
Frame Image
Caption Titles
Spot Healing
Other features of the Image Viewer
The Live Histogram
Area tagging
Converting images to different file formats
RAW Converting
Color Management
Setting an image as the Windows Desktop Wallpaper
Working with Global Positioning Data (GPS)
Catalog labels and GPS
GPS Panel script
Using the histogram
Interpreting the histogram
View Exif information
Exif Thumbnail (re)creation
Copying Exif information to the Windows clipboard
Dumping and loading Meta information to/from sidecar file
Working with the Light Table
Opening images in the Light Table
Panning and linked panning
The Ratings and Color Label Bar
Histogram and Exif display
Working with boxes
Closing and opening boxes
Image Properties / Details
Assigning catalog labels
Color Management
Working with the Calendar
Additional Features
Collective Batch Processing
The Batch Processor
Adding and removing effects/commands
Adding more images
Adding Sub Folders
Run your Batches
Saving your batch to file
Loading a batch file
Running Batches as a Background Process
Slide Shows
Adding slides to your slide show
Moving slides
Editing the details of a slide
Adding Music to the slide show
Editing the music details
Playing your slide show design
Create Slide Show Movies
What to do with your slide show movies?
Backups, Disc Burning, and Archiving
Backup your catalog database
Backup Catalog To Folder
Backup Catalog to Disc
The Burner application; how it works
Designing a disc
Burning a design
How the burner is integrated
Burning sections of images
Burning folders from your hard drive or other disk
Archiving images
Publishing, Mailing and Printing
Uploading to Photo Sharing Sites; FlickR, SmugMug, PicasaWeb, Facebook, and ZenFolio
Publish images to the Internet
Publishing a collection
Publishing Portfolios and Galleries
Uploading pages to your homepage using FTP
Building Web Publishing Templates
Basic editing of a template
Advanced editing of a template
Adding and editing resources
Creating a new resource
Edit or replace an existing resource
Delete an existing resource
The template tab sheets
Working with Template Commands
Template Variables
Template Conditionals
Building a new template
Add the resources
Build the CSS
Set the basic settings for the template
Build the Collection Template
Build the Image Template
Build the Gallery Template
Build the Album Template
Defining a template example image
Generate an example
Resize the example
Attach the example to the template
E-Mailing photos
Choose your e-mail method
Mailing a single photo
Mailing multiple images
Sending e-mails using a MAPI client
Sending e-mails using the internal mail client
Transfer using FTP
Printing photos
Printing a single photo
Printing contact sheets (thumbnail sheets)
Building custom pages
Printing with templates
The Options
General Settings
Collection Viewer
Thumbnail Layout
Image Viewing Options
Color Management
Printer Color Management
File Handling
Synchronize Settings
Reading meta data from file
Writing metadata to file
Catalog Explorer
Color Labels
Slide Shows
Slide Shows Advanced
Personal Info
Other Settings
Annex A - Keyboard Shortcuts
Annex B - Command Line Startup Parameters
Annex C - XMP to IPTC Mapping
Annex D - Macro Command Parameters

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