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The Image Viewer/Editor offers features to display your full sized images and also offers features to edit your images using the non-destructive Recipe features. Non-destructive means that you can use IDimage to make edits for the image but when the recipe is saved then it is saved as a list of edit commands and your image pixel data won't be altered. The advantage is that Recipes allow you to make changes afterwards just by changing the set list of edit commands. You can also quickly remove the recipe and your image is back to its original. No recompression for compressed file formats like JPG is needed when using recipes.


The Image Viewer/Editor looks as followed:




The Image Area


This area displays the active image. If you use color management, the image will be displayed in the defined monitor profile (Tools | Options | Color Management).



The control bar


The control bar is the bar that is positioned directly above the image. It contains entries for navigation, printing, selections, etc.



The Recipe Panel


This panel displays your non-destructive edits and allows you to customize existing items, or add new ones.


The Recipe bar can be toggle on/off with [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[R]



The rating bar


Identical to thumbnails, the rating bar displays the image rating (score) and the color label that are assigned to the image.


The rating bar can be toggled on/off with [R]



The info bar


This area offers toggle buttons to toggle the recipe panel, the rating bar, the info panel, the on-image grid ([Ctrl]+[G]), and sharpening ([Ctrl]+[Q]).


This bar also displays the zoom percentage of the opened image in the current display.


If you have Color Management switched ON in the Option dialog then the info bar also show the color management usage for this image.