Making a selection

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To make a selection inside the image you need to select the “select tool” (or press [S]). This tool can be found in the toolbar of the Image Viewer/Editor . This will change the mouse to the selection cursor .


Within the image area you can now make your selection. Position the mouse anywhere on the image and click the left mouse button. Hold this left mouse button down and replace the mouse to the end position. There you release the mouse. This marks an area inside the image area which is your selection. The non-selected area will be darkened to allow you to better determine the correct selection area.




After you have released the mouse, the selected area will remain on-screen. You can adjust the selection by dragging one of the handles (marked corners at the frame of the selection area) and use the mouse to drag the handle to a new size.


You can also replace the entire selection box by clicking inside the box and, while holding the left mouse button down, drag it to a new location on the image.





Double-click the inside of the selection frame to crop the image to the active selection. This will add the Crop recipe item in the Recipe panel