Opening images in the Light Table

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The Light Table can be invoked from the Collection Viewer. In the Collection Viewer select one or more thumbnails (up to the limit of your edition) and then click the Light table button in the applications main toolbar or press [Ctrl]+[F3].


PRO Only: By default IDimager will load the full images in the Light Table, giving you the best way to make a good comparison. However, it you have enabled the Preview mode (with Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P), IDimager will load preview images if available. The Preview mode allows you to define a custom size that you'd like IDimager to keep previews stored in the catalog. The size of the previews can be determined in the options dialog  (Tools | Options | General). Then when IDimager builds your thumbnails, it will also create the previews. It is recommended that you define a preview size at around your screen resolution or smaller, but larger than your thumbnail size..




Once you activate the Light Table, all selected images are opened in so-called “boxes”.





The Light Table displays the images by using the full screen area. This means that all interface elements that may distract you are eliminated. The top of the Light Table shows a film strip of the collection that is active in the Collection Viewer. You can press [F] to toggle the film strip ON/OFF.


Every image is loading in its own “box”. There is always one selected box and you can recognize it by the highlighted color. In the sample above that is the box in the upper left corner. The selected box is the box that “accepts” commands from you. By pressing [F1] you will get a list of the most important commands available. You can switch the select box to a different image by either clicking once on another image or by pressing the [Tab] key.