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On file collision use these settings

When you try to rename files and the same already exists on disk then there is a collision. Here you can specify how IDimager should adjust the new file name when such a collision exists.

In the sample above, 0-padded 3 digit number will be added with an underscore prefix. The number is increased while the file exists. For instance: if TEST.JPG already exists, then the file is TEST_001.JPG, but if that also exists it becomes TEST_002.JPG, and so on until the first next free number is found.


Specify 0 as the Number length to not use 0-padding.


For example: TEST.JPG already exist? Then the new file is named as TEST_001.JPG


Custom Sidecar File Definitions

IDimager Pro Only;

A sidecar file is a file that uses the same name as the original file but with a different file extension. IDimager allows you to define custom sidecar definitions so you are free to work with any type of sidecar file, while IDimager treats them as a single entity.  This applies to: backups them together, copy/move/delete them together, etc.