Personal Info

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Within IDimager it is possible to enter your personal info once and reuse it when publishing photos to the web or on slide shows. The internal e-mail client also uses this info to set the sender of the e-mail message.




Your name

Enter you name here


Your initials

Enter your initials here


Your e-mail address

Enter your e-mail address here. This field is also used in the tab sheet E-Mail when setting the e-mail client preference to the internal e-mail client.


Your web site

Enter your web sites URL here


Your phone number

Enter your phone number here.


Your address

Enter your address here


Your company name

Optionally enter your company or business name here.


Your notes

Here you can enter any free text. If this text is used when publishing to the internet (template command %PersonalNotes), then this text will be included in the HTML code. If preferred, you can use HTML mark up codes within the text, which will be generated to the web pages also.